Journal 16: Animals Like Us

 Here’s another example of a grey area, something we refuse to acknowledge and sweep it under the rug to continue living on as we do. Animals, whether we eat them or play with them in the backyard, are animals to us. It’s strange to know that we categorize them in our hearts and minds, how dogs and cats deserve to not be eaten when it’s perfectly ok to butcher and slice up cows and pigs for our gluttonous pleasure. Yet, in other parts of the world where dogs are considered an edible meat, we cringe away in apathy and denounce the practice.

We have these abstract moral lines that are never crossed. It’s ok to feed mice to snakes, yet if we feed them kittens—another form of meat—it’s cruel and induces outrage. Yet, cats eat more meat than snakes, so the anger doesn’t stem from the horror of animals eating meat. Vegetarians claim they don’t eat any meat at all, yet fish is an exception to the rule? And then these self-made rules can be thrown out the window on a whimsical desire to eat.

The rules we make for ourselves make absolutely no sense, yet we all adhere to them. To break one of these unspoken rules is to submit yourself to public ridicule and anger. It goes for other difficult decisions including death, fast food, and animal consumption. We create paradoxical laws and moral codes to act as our excuse for living the way we do.  


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