Essay 3 Final Draft

Deanna Phipps Jesse Miller Eng. 110-H4 26 April 2017 Hypocrites of Life It was a beautiful sunny day, the azure sky obscured by only a few fluffy white clouds lazily rolling by. We were outside on the driveway with chalk, my five-year-old nephew and I, drawing what we hoped looked like zoo animals. I was in the middle of shading in my sadly distorted lion’s mane when I glanced up to see my nephew standing and grinding his foot in the pavement in the universal “squish-a-bug” twist. “Landon! What are you doing? Stop!” I called over to him, mildly horrified. He looked up with an innocent face. “Why auntie? It’s only an ant. It was crawling on my chalk,” he justified. “Because,” I say, “it wasn’t hurting you. You didn’t have to kill it. It’s wrong.” Morals are principles and standard of living based on what conceived good behavior is. Right from wrong, black from white, as children we are taught acceptable behavior and are expected to comply to society’s rules. These [Read more...]